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I’d never tried meditation before Kristen introduced me to it in the Fall of 2021, and am so glad I gave it a try. Kristen’s class gave me the space and focus to get over my fear of starting a big community project, and was one of the reasons for its success. I am so incredibly grateful to her for this time and for all she’s enabled me to unlock in myself.


I love the intersection of passion and skill you embodied this morning. Thank you again. As always, it was lovely sharing space with you. And now I'll be bugging you to commune with frequency ;)


Kristen is a highly skilled practitioner of guided meditation, and I have been fortunate to participate in both her individual and group sessions.  Her personal warmth and intuitive approach creates a caring and open space within which to explore practical, scientifically-based mindfulness techniques.  I am amazed at how quickly I have been able to incorporate Kristen’s teachings into my daily routine, with positive mental and physical benefits.


I know from having participated in Kristen's meditations sessions that she is excellent! Her voice is most calming, she is humble, non judgmental and she invites you to be kind to yourself. I highly recommend any time with her.


I began taking Kristen's classes early in the pandemic. I previously dabbled in meditation but learning and practicing meditation with Kristen had a profound impact on my wellbeing. The weekly group sessions helped lessen my anxiety and taught me breathing exercises that assisted in dealing with some of my stress. 
Kristen's authentic and genuine style during her classes provide a safe and supportive environment. Her passion for mindfulness and guiding us through meditations is evident in her teaching style. I always look forward to Kristen's classes.


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